Who is Your Social Media Content Officer? It may be you!

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I just read an inspiring post about a medical imaging equipment company, Block Imaging, that came out of a slump by engaging their entire staff of about 70 people in the process of generating daily social media content for their industry blog.  http://info.blockimaging.com/

 More than half of the employees have participated to date by writing blog posts. And, for those who were more comfortable with the spoken word, like the sales force, YouTube videos were created, inspired by the keyword research that their marketing team provided. To jump start social media awareness, Block held a 2-day company retreat during which they worked with a content marketing specialist and brainstormed blog topic ideas.  The president of the company had no previous blog or video experience and he admitted that a mental change was required to accomplish this new marketing—especially a willingness to be authentic and transparent . 

Their efforts have been rewarded by greatly increased search traffic, some real attention to the blog that resulted in at least one major sale so far, and the need to hire several new employees.  Pretty powerful evidence of the value of joining forces within a company (of any size) to generate rich and meaningful content that is worthy of ongoing customer attention.

But I have to say the fact that I liked the most from this story is that Block actually dubbed one of their employees Social Media Contact Officer since he is serving as the central agent/editor to insure that posts go out in top form.   It makes me think that even a micro business of one can apply this strategy: think of yourself as a Content Officer or Manager as you go through the work week and interact with customers.  Have a note-taking system or use your smart phone recorder to capture ideas and facts that are appropriate to share on your social media platforms; it would also be helpful to attend a class on keyword derivation and analysis.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought, consider hiring a Virtual Assistant to handle your social media posts for you, with your input and overview.

For small businesses with a group of employees, you can modify the Block model  to suit your needs.  Maybe a 3-hour seminar to get started, bringing in a social media trainer (yes, I’m available) so that you can brainstorm blog topics in your field and learn how to track keyword usage and response.  In addition to a robust blog and entertaining YouTube videos, you may want to add a Facebook and/or Google+ business page and a professional presence for your staff members on LinkedIn.

 Spending some time to create a new marketing vision for your business will give your people a chance to contribute and shine in their preferred medium, bringing energy to your daily quest for web content that helps move your business forward.


For those who want to know a definition for Social Media Content Officer here is one :
“Social Media Content Officer (SNCO0): a person who oversees the content being distributed through Social Media and makes sure it is aligned with current marketing content.”

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