Facebook Timeline Pages – How do I use the new Facebook timeline for business? – Video Instruction

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From March 30 all Facebook business pages switch over to Timeline and here is an  a video explaining how to use it:

Video of Facebook Timeline:


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Key components and ideas referenced in the video: 

You have two key pictures:

Cover that across the top and that is to be an 851 x 315 pixel banner across the top of your Page
Picture is to symbolize the essence of your business. “Note: This space is not meant for promotions, coupons, or advertisements.  Your cover photo should not be primarily text-based or infringe on anyone else’s copyright”.
May want to change it out from time to time.

Profile Picture is to be square and 180×180 pixel down to 32×32 pixel but make it 180×180 of your logo or what is the visual reminder you want people to have to remember to your business. This you do not want to change often.

Landing Tab/Pages/gated Pages no longer work the same
You no longer have the option of “Default Landing Tab:” or “gated pages”. A default landing tab that all non-fans would first see instead of the wall will not be an option on the new Timeline. You have 4 options they can see under the right side of your Cover photo. The first is fixed and is your pictures, leaving only 3 more to choose from. To edit those as an admin click the little triangle on the right of the 4 rectangle App area.

Star a Post Makes the post full screen in the timeline vs. just half screen or half of the timeline. Using this to make things stand out over time. This option is selected by clicking on the star in the upper right corner of every post (or story) and de-selected by clicking again.

Pin a post “Pins” a post to the top of you page for 7 days and since “Highlights” is what your new prospects see this when they first come to the page this is more important. You find the Pin option under the “Edit or Remove” pin image in the upper right hand corner to the right of the Star.

Milestones are big events in time you want to mark for your business. The first one required is the start of your business then you can post other events in any order. Recommend adding a picture, good title and text. You can also add a hyperlink in the page by putting in a website starting with http:// . Milestones are selected when you make a post by selecting “Milestone” in the upper right corner of the post window.

A video on how to use the Facebook Personal Profile new Timeline as well:


Other notes:

www.facebook.com/username – To customize your Facebook page name.

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If your business is over 5 years old contact us to build out the past on your timeline page:

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