Social Media for Commercial Realtors

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Social Media for Commercial Realtors Commercial Real Estate has a known sales cycle with considerable investment of time and resources for both seller and buyer. As in all aspects of sales, the sellers are searching the Web for more resources before they initiate an agent than in the past. Are you providing the information they […]

How Sales Professionals Leave Money on the Table by Not Using Linkedin

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“For years I have been coaching sales professionals, discovering that they used to pay for similar information with less quality than the data that Linkedin is providing now at the free level. More importantly, all sales professionals that I have personally coached have gained clear value and closed more sales when they began using Linkedin correctly. However, I realize that there are many sales executives who are obviously not using Linkedin effectively, i.e., potentially leaving money on the table. I hope this list of 5 Linkedin omissions gets the attention of all honest hardworking sales pros and spurs you into action.” Martin Brossman

Enhancing the Value of Your BNI Referral Group with Social Media by Martin Brossman

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Here are a few of my short tips for profoundly enhancing the value of your BNI referral group using Social Media and reputation sites. – You can update LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook status about the meeting with something unique to that day, and the name of the group. Example someone posted: Looking forward to hearing Martin Brossman about Social Media w/business at our BNI Morning Show

Using LinkedIn for Sales – Part 2 by Martin Brossman

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Remember, LinkedIn is a professional tool for solving tasks. It is not a cold calling list or directory of your target clients. It IS a first place to check for current and future contacts and business, due to the high quality of the data when it is present. Since each profile is about an individual, automatic self-interest is generated for being well-represented on the web.

Understanding Linkedin for Sales Professional – Part 1

Last week I convinced my friend Bob of the value of using Linkedin for sales. It happened right after I saw him having lunch with John, another friend of mine. When Bob called me later to let me know that he was doing well in his new position and to make an appointment with me […]

Reasons to Spend Time Using LinkedIn for Career and Business

With higher demands for greater transparency, LinkedIn offers a credible way for your customers to prescreen you by seeing recommendations without having to bother people. This also applies for people looking for a job. People can see recommendations to you without your having to repeatedly bother your references to pre-screen you.

Job & Career resources – Using Linkedin – Martin Brossman Interview

An Interview with Martin Brossman on Using Linkedin as a Job Hunting tool. Also see other resources below.

Professional Networking On The Web By Anora McGaha

A few of you have been doing this for years, and this may or may not appeal. Maybe you like to share what you know, then you might like to participate. But for most of us, even signing up into LinkedIn, THE professional registry online, is a major leap of faith. It takes anywhere from two to ten people inviting us in before we sign on, and then, once we’re in, then what? If we have a business that is ready to go, ready to network, ready for new clients, the “Then What?”

A New On-line Business Networking Resource –

It is free to join, allows you to form local discussion groups like “Triangle Business Bloggers” or “Podcasting.” It lets you list calendar events, have a blog so you can contribute useful articles, have a profile stating your business and it offers an RSS feed so you can keep up with it in your Blog Reader.

A Few Tips on Getting the Most out of Your Account by Martin Brossman

First of all sign up if you have not, today! The basic service is free! And fill out the entire profile. Include as much information in your profile as you can. This includes simple hobbies, interest, and associations that are important to you. Those profiles show up in Google searches, so others will be able to view the information. If you understand “personal branding” of YOU, then you know the benefit of this. The more positive points of reference to you on the web the better (as long as they are real).